Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.
Matthew 27:19

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There are many ministries in action on any given day throughout the year here at The Son’Spot.  The first and primary focus is centered on outreach to the nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  There are millions of people who travel to Ocean City each year and many activities are hosted, all of which are designed to bring Good News to people who cross our path.

The summer ministry includes daily opportunities to preach the Truth of Jesus through one-on-one conversations, carrying the cross down the boardwalk, ministering at the sand sculptures on Second Street, and passing out Bibles and tracts.  Here at the facility thousands of people go by every day and hundreds come inside.  Some stop and listen to the Jesus Movie which plays 24 hours a day in one of our windows; others pick up scripture tracks, eat a meal or attend a Bible meeting.  The food ministry also reaches those who come regularly to receive the Word, prayer, and meals.  Several visitors may receive prayer, salvation, or rededicate their lives to Jesus.

Each of the gatherings is informal and we welcome everyone to stop by and visit throughout the schedule of these events on any given day.  Whether you find us up on the boardwalk carrying the cross or whether we are ministering to people at the sand sculptures on Second Street, our desire is to be in action for the work of Lord. 

In the summer we gather every day (except Wednesday) at 10 am for sharing the Word and prayer, then complete work projects, and at 5 pm go on the boardwalk for outreach ministry.  We gather again at 8 pm for praise, worship, Word, prayer, fellowship, & ministry.  Additionally, the food ministry includes dinner on Thursdays @ 5 pm, and breakfast on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 am.  We also deliver food bags and minister to people in their homes each week.

Each morning hundreds of people come in for breakfast. The largest amounts of visitors who come are international students, here to work in Ocean City for the summer.  The Lord draws them in and provides an atmosphere to receive the truths of His Word.  We are given opportunities to just talk with the students and other visitors and get to know them.  Often times we pray with several of them and ask God to meet their everyday needs and do miracles in their lives.  Additionally, the Gospel is shared with people one-on-one and from up front to the entire group.    Scripture is read and explained to these precious young persons and personal testimonies are shared with them.  Recordings of praise and worship music, sung in both English and Russian, the most commonly understood language of a majority of these international students, are played over the sound system during the meals.  As the Spirit leads, on-stage public messages are also given in English and Russian, sometimes with an interpreter.  One-on-one language interpretations at the tables may also occur during the public sharing of the Word.  Many international students return at a later time to say that God did indeed meet their needs.  And although these summer visitors initially come to eat, they are introduced to new life in Him and often respond favorably to this message.  The reason for the food ministry is not to physically fee people, but to provide the opportunity to lift up the name of Jesus to our guests.

The Lord uses the youth groups on the boardwalk every day.  They carry crosses, pass out scripture tracks, share one-on-one, do dramas, sing songs, and help dig the hole for the sand sculptures.

The Lord has sent people to help serve & minister in all these areas.  Our desire at every occasion is to lift up the name of Jesus (John 12:31) and for God to move and minister as He desires.  Zechariah 4:6 says, "Not by might, not by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord". 

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